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Door Hardware

'32 Ford Open Car Latch Control Rod

'32 Ford Closed Car Interior Handle Stainless Steel Escutcheon

'32-'34 Ford Closed Car Outside Door Handle Gaskets

'32-'36 Ford Door Bumpers

'32-'36 Ford Open Car Black Female Dovetail

32-'36 Ford Open Car Stainless Steel Male Dovetail

'33-40/'32 3-Window/'35-'42 Pickup Ford Closed Car Male Stainless Steel Dovetaill

1928-1931 Door Dovetail

28-31 Door Hinge Pin

0.25" Dia x 1-13/16" Long. High quality stainless steel hinge pins. Polished tops, identical to original

28-48 Door Check Strap - 6"

Double side loop door check strap, moulded rubber with reinforcing fibres moulded in the ends

1932 Ford 5 Window Coupe Door Latch

38-46 Chevrolet Chrome Door Ferrule

32-36 Ford Open Car Stainless Steel Female Dovetail

Door Check Strap Kit (pair)

The leather check strap kit includes stainless steel brackets and hardware. Sold in pairs.

Door Handle & Riser Escutcheon Plates

These open car escutcheons are die stamped brass and chrome plated. Set includes 2 escutcheons and 2 back plates.

28-32 Roadster/Phaeton Stainless Steel Striker Open Car

28-32 Roadster & Phaeton Door Striker Plate

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Inside Door Handles

Made from billet aluminium with a polished finish, our inside door handle kit is easy to mount and works on original or bear claw latches, Sold in pairs, our handles come complete with left and right door handles, 4 ft. adjustable cables, all mounting hardware, mounting template and instructions.



Power Door Locks With Billet Knobs

CNC machined from aircraft aluminium and equipped with a stainless steel locking pin, Rocky's power door locks are a great way to keep you hot rod and passengers safe while motoring down the road. Or add a remote unit to provide a way tolock your car when your away from it. Each kit contains two power locks, two brushed aluminium knobs, LED warning light, wire, 5 pole switch, pin bushing and stainless mounting bolts.

Power Window Switches Spline

Power Window Switches Square Shaft

Latch Lever Kit

Upgrade your worn out stock latches to bear claw latches and keep your factory push button handles !

Kit includes two latch levers, cable, housing and mounting hardware.

Exterior Handle Mounting Kit

No Welding Required! Rocky's exterior handle mounting kit is designed to operate bear claw latches with your O.E.M. handles. This small unit is 1" thick x 2 '1/2" long x 2 1/2" wide and mounts in your door with your handle mounting screws. Available in horizontal or vertical for '32 - '48 Ford.

Braided Stainless Wire Looms

No more pinched wires or bad connection! All door mounted accessories work when the door is open! Great for suicide doors.

Inside Door Handle Mounting Kit

Mechanical Latch Activator

Our mechanical latch activator mounts inside the door and is operated by the outside door handle The spring loaded mechanism returns the handle to proper position. Comes complete with left and right latch activator, two clips, and adjustable door rods.

Idler Pulley With Bear Claw Cables

Align your bear claw latch to the inside or outside of your cars door handles. This kit comes complete with one pair Idler Pulley,cables and mounting hardware.

Stainless Door Props

These one of a kind prop rods have aluminium ends with a stainless steel rod. Great for holding your doors open at car shows etc. They prevent wind from blowing the doors and keep people off your running boards while enabling you to display your cars interior. One end slips over the striker bolt and "locks" in position. The other end snaps into your bear claw latch. Sold in pairs.

Water Proof Button

For door locks

Key & Switch

For alarms or door locks.

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-1928-’31 Door Hinge Pin

-1928-’32 Roadster & Phaeton Door Striker Plate

-1932 Ford 5 Window Coupe Door Latch

-1932 Ford Closed Car Inside Window Riser

-1932 Ford Closed Car Door Handle

-1932 Ford Closed Car Interior Handle Escutcheon

-1932 Ford Open Car Latch Control Rod

-1932-'34 Ford Closed Car Outside Door Handle Gaskets

-1932-'36 Ford Door Bumpers

-1932 Roadster & Phaeton Interior Door Handles

-1938-’46 Chevrolet Chrome Door Ferrule

-Bear Claw Latches

-Braided Stainless Wire Looms

-Door Actuators

-Door Check Straps

-Door Handle & Riser Escutcheon Plates

-Dress Up Kit

-Exterior Handle Mounting Kit

-Locking Door Handle with Key

-Hidden & Suicide Door Hinge Kits

-Idler Pulley With Bear Claw Cables

-Inside Door Handle Mounting Kit

-Inside Door Handles

-Key & Switch

-Keyless Entry

-Latch Lever Kit

-Male & Female Dovetails

-Manual Safety Locks

-Mechanical Latch Activator

-Outside Door Handle Mounting Kit

-Power Door Locks With Billet Knobs

-Power Window Switches Spline

-Power Window Switches Square Shaft

-Stainless Door Props

-Stainless Poppers

-Water Proof Button

Door Handle

Inside Window Riser

1932 Roadster & Phaeton Interior Door Handles (pair)

Locking Door Handle with Keys

For 1932 3-window, Cabriolet and all 1933-34 closed cars. Great security feature. Includes a pair of handles and a pair of key.

1932 Ford Closed Car

Dress Up Kit

A quick and simple way to activate your bear claw latches from the interior of you car. Made from billet aluminium.

Stainless Poppers

These spring loaded stainless poppers can be used on doors or trunk.

Factory look with modern convenience. Our power window switches allow you to use your factory window crank handles to operate your power windows.

Door Actuators

Our actuators feature a gear motor and works great with our bear claw latches. Comes with all mounting & hardware. At 18 lbs pull these actuators work well on smaller, thinner doors.

Manual Safety Locks

Our Manual Safety Locks feature an internal spring loaded detent for more clearance. They are operated manually from inside your car and feature a micro switch for a warning light function. All lock kits come complete with two manual locks, wire, stainless mounting bolts, warning light, brushed aluminium knobs, and an installation guide.

Outside Door Handle Mounting Kit

Outside door handle mounting kit is spring loaded with centre return. Finished in zinc coating, this kit can also be used with our bear claw latches.

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Keyless Entry Kits

Bear Claw Latches

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Hidden & Suicide Door Hinge Kits