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Developed specifically for the 1928-29 Ford roadster, SO-CAL’s A-V8 Step-Boxed™ 32 chassis addresses all of the problems usually found when trying to recreate the traditional look of a Model-A roadster body on 32 rails. For example, the rails of the SO-CAL chassis are contoured in the front to fit the narrow profile of the 28-29 cowl. This in itself saves a huge amount of work. Also, the rear horns are “bobbed off” and we narrow the frame 7/8-inch on both sides in the rear (1-3/4 inches total) to enable the body to sit out over the frame.

To make sure we were absolutely accurate in our approach we referenced Bud Bryan’s Rod and Custom project and did it exactly the same way (if you want to read more, see HOT ROD Magazines Street Rod Quarterly, July 1971).

As with our other Step-Boxed™ 32 chassis, the SO-CAL A-V8 chassis uses American Stamping rails exclusively and there is a choice of transverse leaf or coil-spring rear suspension. The only thing we’ve not done is move the front cross member forward because the longer wheelbase of the Deuce frame (106 inches) already improves the profile of the Model A.

What we have done is answer all the questions and taken all the work out of building an A-V8. All the builder has to worry about is the floor and mounting the body which, of course, depends upon your choice of original, steel or glass repro. Body mounts are available at extra cost—call for pricing.

The base frame, which comes numbered and tagged for added value, includes all of the benefits and components listed on page 5. All of the other bolt-on parts are available separately.

NOTE: Body mounts for the A-V8 frame are extra. Call for pricing.

NOTE: For those who want something other than a small-block Chevy motor, the SO-CAL Step-Boxed™ chassis is now available without engine or trans mounts. It will also soon be available with small-block Ford and big-block Chevy mounts. Call for more information.

Quick Change Buggy Rear Suspension

A-V8 Hilboy Base Frame $4000.00

Buggy-Spring Rear Suspension

Coil Over Rear Suspension

Quick Change Rear Suspension

Quick Change Coil Over Rear Suspension

Pinched Nose Hilboy Frame $4000.00

Coil-Over Rear Suspension

Quick Change Buggy Rear Suspension

Buggy Spring Rear Suspension

Quick Change Rear Buggy Suspension

Stock Width Hilboy Base Frame $4000.00

Coil Over Rear Suspension

Quick Change Coil-Over Rear Suspension

Buggy-Spring Rear Suspension

Buggy Spring Rear Suspension

Stock-Width Full-Fender Base Frame $4000.00

Coil Over Rear Suspension

Quick Change Rear Suspension

Quick Change Buggy Rear Suspension

Model A Complete with Buggy Spring Rear Suspension $3500.00

So-Cal Model A Perimeter Frame $2,300.00

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'32 Ford Style Frame Rail Boxing Plates

These one piece 10 gauge steel laser cut boxing plates are designed to fit inside American Stamping '32 Ford style frame rails. Sold in pair. $275.00

'32 Ford Style Frame Rails

These one-piece stamped steel rails are used exclusively in the manufacturing of our SO-CAL Step-Boxed™ Ford style frames. $1,100.00

Frame K-member

This Heli-arc welded K-member assembly is constructed of 1 3/4" diameter DOM seamless steel tubing. It features ladder bar tabs, brake pedal pivot tube, master cylinder mount and a universal transmission mounting plate that cleverly accommodates TH350, TH400, 700R transmissions as well as 4 or 5 speed manual shift models. Although designed for a '32 Ford, this unit has become known throughout the industry as a "universal problem solver" Note: The transmission plate is positioned on top of the mounting tabs for added safety.

Note: The trans plate is positioned on top of the mounting tabs for added safety. $475.00

SO-CAL Step-Boxed™ Frames

• Brake proportioning valve mounting pad

• In-line fuel filter mounting pad

• All cross members

• Engine and trans mounts

• Steering box mount

• Front Panhard bar bracket

• Front brake line tabs

• Master cylinder bracket

• Rear radius rod tabs

• Brake pedal pivot tube

All So-Cal Stepped Boxed Frames Include the Following:

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