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Front Suspension

Clevis Bolt Kit

SO-CAL clevis bolt kit includes four 3/8 bolts and Nylock nuts. Chrome/Steel $31.00

Polished $254.00

Adjustable Stainless Steel Front Spring Perches

Offering the best of both worlds these spring perches are not only constructed of maintenance free stainless steel but they are completely adjustable as well. You can put your front end caster alignment issues behind you and enjoy a safer ride.

Unpolished $190.00

(B) Hillboy 26" Centres

Stainless Steel 4-Link Adjustable Bar

We offer our 4-link adjustable bars in two lengths; (A) standard, 23" centre to centre and (B) Hiboy, 26" centre to centre. $159.00

(A) Standard 23" Centres

Polished $60.00

Stainless Steel Perch Swivels

For adjustable perch. Available in plain or polished.

Unpolished $55.00

Polished Front Bushing Washer

These curved washers are used exclusively in our 4-link and hairpin kits. They come in 7/16", 1/2", 5/8" ID and sold individually. $4.00

1/2" ID

5/8" ID

7/16" ID

Plain $700.00

Plain $590.00

Plain $590.00

Front Hairpin Radius Rod Kit

This is our original hairpin kit and includes our revolutionary S/S batwings with integral lower shock mount, S/S clevises, S/S urethane adjusters, frame mounting brackets and the coolest set of steel hairpins on the planet. They are available in plain or chrome hairpins with polished S/S components.

Polished/Chrome $835.00

Plain $590.00

Tie Rod End Front Hairpin Radius Rod Kit

We've said it before but nothing says hot rod more than hairpin radius rods and we've made it even more traditional by adding a S/S tie rod end option. This new kit includes our revolutionary S/S batwing with intergral lower shock mount, S/S clevises, S/S tie rod ends, frame mounting brackets and the coolest steel hairpins on the planet. They are available in plain or chrome hairpins with polished S/S components.

Chrome $835.00

Plain $590.00

Polished/Chrome $835.00

Chrome $835.00

Stainless Steel 3/8" Hole Each $32.00

Front Clevises

We offer two types of clevises for front radius rods; (A) polished S/S,  5/8"-18 male shank with a 3/8" hole and (B) Zinc plated steel, 5/8"-18 male shank with a 3/8" hole. Both designs have a 3/8" slot and include a jam nut.

Zinc 3/8" Hole Each $19.00

Bolt On/Weld On Front Shock Mounts

SO-CAL carries a number of other styles of bolt- and weld-on upper front shock mounts to fit a wide variety of applications Model A through 39 Ford. Please call with with any questions regarding your requirements. Sold in pairs.

Model A/32 Bolt On $85.00

Model A/32 Short Bolt On $85.00

Hillboy Only Weld On $54.00

Polished $27.00

Lower Shock Mount Fasteners

Designed to fasten the lower front shock absorber to the GT2 Batwings. These S/S button head Allen shoulder bolts are engineered to apply just the right amount of pressure to the shock bushing ensuring proper engagement tolerances. These are included with the GT2 Batwings but are available separately.

Unpolished $23.00

(B) Stainless Steel Flat Bottom

Plain $235.00

Stainless Steel Batwings

Here's the product that revolutionized traditional hot rod front ends. These batwings are investment cast S/S and feature not only built-in lower shock mounts but a panhard bar mount as well. They are offered in either a polished or plain finish.

Polished $295.00

Perch Nuts & Bungs

These stainless nylock perch nuts and cone-shaped tapered bungs are for use in the bottom of stock-style batwings.

Note: SO-CAL batwings have flat bottoms so use a flat, rather than tapered, nut. $18.00

(C) Stainless/Tapered

(A) Tapered Steel Bungs

(A) Frame Bracket $19.00

Panhard Bar Brackets

We now offer Panhard bar frame and batwing brackets. The weld-on frame (A) is stamped and folded 11 gauge mild steel, the bolt-on batwing bracket (B,C) is investment cast S/S and come in plain and polished.

(B) Polished Batwing Bracket $70.00

(C) Plain Batwing Bracket $60.00

Polished $175.00

Stainless Steel Lower Front Bolt-On Shock Mounts

These investment cast S/S shock mounts bolt on to the bottom of your front axle. They are offered in a plain and polished finish and include S/S fasteners

Unpolished $155.00

27" Chrome $675.00

27" Plain $575.00

28-1/4" Chrome $675.00

28-1/4" Plain $575.00

Kit $120.00

Stainless Steel Front Spring U-Bolts/Kits

This kit features an investment cast S/S spring pad. The U-bolts are made of 304 S/S bar and come with fasteners.

Pads Only Polished $72.00

U-Bolts Only Plain $35.00

U-Bolts Only Polished $58.00

Chrome $77.00

Steel Front Shackles

These shackles are designed to work with original Ford and aftermarket front springs and perches. They feature centre-less ground steel pins, urethane bushings and are finished in either cadmium or show quality chrome plating.

Plain $47.00

Kit $46.00

Steel Front Spring U-Bolt

This steel front spring clamp is a direct replacement for the original Ford components. ('28-'34)It also fits most of the popular aftermarket front crossmembers including the newly engineered SO-CAL Speed Shop #0016-611 front crossmember shown on page 9 of the catalog.

Steel Pad Only $38.00

Steel U-Bolts Only $18.00

Stainless Steel Front Spring U-Bolt Kit

This kit is designed and engineered to compliment the GT2 line of stainless products. Manufactured of 304 investment cast S/S it is a direct replacement for the original Ford components('28-'34). It also fits most of the popular aftermarket front crossmembers including the SO-CAL Speed Shop #00160611 front crossmember. $172.00

Stainless Steel Front U-Bolts Only

This part is designed and engineered to compliment the GT2 line of stainless steel products. Manufactured of 304 investment cast S/S it is a direct replacement for the original Ford component ('28 to '34) and fits most of the popular aftermarket kits. $130.00

Without Bump Stop $65.00

Stainless Steel Front Shackle with Bushing $57.00

The sculpted "Dog Bone" shackle design dates back to the early days of hot rodding. This beautifully polished investment cast assembly includes urethane bushings and stainless hardware.

Stainless Steel Front Spring Shackles $115.00

Front Spring Clamp

SO-CAL is dedicated to bringing to the industry innovative new products so we've improved our front spring clamp to incorporate a bump stop that can protect your axle. The spring clamp design makes shimming for different numbers of leaves simpler. The bottom plate is easily removed and and changing out the bolts when a shorter clamp is needed is much easier than modifying U-bolts. The clamp comes with an aluminium spacer block which is used for tuning the ride height of the car.

With Bump Stop $71.00

1/2" Hole with 1-7/8" Centres

Front Radius Rod Frame Tabs

These CNC machined weld-on tabs feature a machined outside radius and integral boss. Has a 7" tapered hole to fit early Ford tie rod ends on 1 7/8" centres. Sold in pairs. $36.00

1/2" Hole with 7/8" Centres

7" Hole with 1-7/8 Centres

7" Hole with 7/8" Centres

Chrome/Drilled $920.00

Forged I-Beam Front Axle

The latest addition, and now a cornerstone of the SO-CAL family of chassis components, is our forged dropped axle. SO-CAL’s engineering staff spent the better part of three years refining a design that takes into account the idiosyncrasies of a reproduction part that must first work with original Ford components. This new forged 1045 heat treated steel 4” dropped axle does that and more. The real test is trying to install stock spindles and having them go lock to lock. SO-CAL’s axle shows a 30% improvement over the competition in turning radius alone so when it’s time to install reproduction parts, there’s no problem. The forged axle measures 47” through the king pin centers, and 34” at the 2.25” thick spring perch boss. It is offered in five finishes: plain, chrome plated, plain with drilled web, plain with pre-polished drilled web (use your plater) and chrome plated with drilled web.

Plain/Drilled Pre-Polished $600.00

Plain/Drilled $425.00

Chrome $800.00

Plain $325.00

29-1/4" Fits 46" Axles & So-Cal I-Beam Axles (Chrome) $350.00

Front Springs

We offer GT2 front springs to meet all your hot rod requirements. All springs have 3/4" reversed eyes and are de-arched for that low ride. They feature GT2 Nyoglide™ inserts, 6 leaf construction and come in three widths.

29-1/4" Fits 46" Axles & So-Cal I-Beam Axle (Plain) $160.00

30" Fits 47" Chassis Engineering Axle (Chrome) $350.00

30" Fits 47" Chassis Engineering Axle (Plain) $160.00

31-1/2" Fits 48" Axle (Plain) $160.00

31-1/2" Fits 48" Axle (Chrome) $350.00

Model A


Adjustable Dead Perches

This set is really for the hardcore builder and emulates front suspension designs used exclusively on the oval dirt tracks of the 50's and 60's to eliminate bump and steer during racing. Features S/S construction; 3/4" spring eye bushings, all necessary hardware.

Polished $290.00

Unpolished $279.00

Polished $211.00

Unpolished $191.00

Model A - 11/16


(A) Chrome 350.00

Steel Hairpin Radius Rods

We offer our steel hairpin radius rods in four configurations without adjusters, clevises and hardware. (A) chrome plated for 11/16" tie rod ends and 5/8" clevis, (B) plain for 11/16" tie rod ends and 5/8" clevis, (C) chrome plated for 5/8" adjuster and 5/8" clevises, (D) plain for 5/8" adjusters and 5/8" clevises.

(B) Plain $260.00

11/16-18 Tie Rod Ends

(C) Chrome $350.00

(D) Plain $260.00

5/8-18 Urethane BSH Adjusters

Stainless Steel $923.00

Stainless Steel 4-link Pin Bolt Kit $157.00

Stainless Steel Hair Pin Bolt Kit $118.00

Stainless Steel Adjustable Rod Ends

Originally designed as a 4-link adjuster, these rod ends have been used as a problem solver for years. They come in various sizes with urethane bushings and jam nuts (complete) or without (bare). 1/2 ID

26" - $179.00

4-Link Front Panhard Bar Kits

This universal front Panhard bar kit is essential for all buggy sprung cars. The kit is offered in four lengths. It comes with a pair of right and left aircraft quality 1/2"-20 helm joints, GT2 styled investment cast S/S batwing bracket weld-on frame mounting bracket, adjustable bar and all related fasteners. Installation is easy; the bar and S/S bracket bolts to the passenger side 4-link batwing and to another bracket that gets welded to the frame.

27" - $179.00

28" - $179.00

Plain Steel

26" - $242.00

27" - $242.00

28"-  $242.00

29" - $242.00

Polished Stainless Steel

27” Pinched Frame $95.00

Front Panhard Bar

These panhard bar kits are designed for our SO-CAL Step-Boxed™ frames but have many other applications. They are a "must" for all buggy sprung cars eliminating unwanted bump steer. Installation is a breeze; one end fastens to the integral Panhard bar mount on the passenger side of the New Traditionalists™ batwing and the other end to weld-on frame bracket. The kit is offered in two lengths; 27" or 28" centre to centre and comes with a pair right and left hand 3/8"-24 aircraft quality steel heim joints, adjustable bar, frame bracket and all related hardware. We now offer the bar in plain steel or in polished S/S and with or without frame mounting bracket. Available in plain of stainless steel.

28" Stock Frame No Tabs $84.00

28" Stock Frame $95.00

27" Pinched Frame No Tabs $84.00

27" Pinched Frame $112.00

28" Stock Frame No Tabs $102.00

28" Stock Frame $112.00

27" Pinched Frame No Frame Tabs $102.00


Stainless Steel

(G) Shocks Chrome/Steel $110.00

Speed shocks in Steel: We are proud to introduce our new line of Speed shocks in steel. These nitrogen filled gas shocks are engineered specifically for hot rod applications and offered in the “Standard” length of 9 1/4" closed and 14 1/4" extended or in the "Shorty" length of 7 7/8" closed and 11 1/4" extended. They are manufactured with or without dust covers and can be run on the front or rear end of the car in either configuration. The distinctive design of the dust cover is reminiscent of the “airplane shocks” used on early hot rods during the 40’s and 50’s. Other features are 90 durometer replaceable 5/8" ID lower and 7/16" ID upper neoprene rubber bushings and they come finished in either high gloss SO-CAL red or show chrome. Sold in pairs.

(E) Shocks Painted/Steel $65.00

(D) Shorty Covered Shocks Chrome $126.00

(H) Shorty Shocks Chrome $110.00

(F) Shorty Shocks Painted $65.00

(B) Shorty Covered Shocks - Painted $68.00

(A) Covered Shocks Painted $68.00

(C) Covered Shocks Chrome $122.00

Speed Shocks - Shock Absorbers

Plain $316.00

Stainless Steel Front Batwings

These beautiful investment cast "bushing style" S/S Batwings offer some of the nicest styling in the business. Not only good looking, they feature built-in lower shock mounts, come highly polished and ready to install.

Polished $382.00

F1-Style Stainless Steel Front Shock Mounts

We've had so many requests that we now offer F1-style upper shock mounts for our friends with full fendered hot rods. Come with all the same features as the original SO-CAL F-1 shock mounts and either polished or plain finish.

Polished $148.00

Unpolished $136.00

1933-1934 Bolt On $79.00

1935-1940 Bolt On $83.00

Model A/32 WELD ON $69.00

Hillboy/FF Weld On $55.00

Front Sway Bar Kits

These sway bar kits are designed for improved handling on '28-'34 Ford hot rods. We offer either "standard" 7/8" dia. x 28 1/4" long or pinched 7/8" dia. x 27" long torsion bars which are splined on both ends providing infinite adjustments. The kit also includes pillow block mounting brackets, vertical links, leverage arms, hardware and are available in either plain or chrome finish.

Plain $72.00

Polished $123.00

Unpolished $104.00

S/S Front Spring Forged Perches

This spring perch design is the industry standard as it closely replicates the original Ford part manufactured between 1928 and 1934. This is what hard core builders use when creating traditional hot rods. They feature S/S construction, 3/4" I.D. bushing eyes, 5/8-18 Nylok nuts and come fully polished. Sold in pairs.

Front Shackle Bushing 3/4" Each

These shackle bushings are made of black urethane, have a 1/2" ID and fit a 3/4" eye, 1 3/4" wide front spring. $3.00

Stamped Stainless Steel Front Spring Clamps 1-3/4"

These stamped polished S/S clamps are designed for 1 3/4" front springs and come with polished S/S fasteners. Sold in pairs. $33.00

Stainless Steel Front Spring Clamp

This investment cast S/S clamp is beautifully shaped and engineered to fit a 1-3/4" wide front spring. It comes with flush mounted screws and is fully polished. $80.00

Dead Perch Set

Dead Perch Only

Polished $128.00

Adjustable Dead Perch Head

This component replaces the driver side shackle thereby eliminating lateral axle movement. It features S/S construction, 3/4" spring eye bushings, all necessary hardware.

Note: this part can be used in conjunction with our S/S adjustable spring perches.

Unpolished $113.00

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(A) 5/8"-18 Angled 11 Deg. Shank Polished/Complete 1/2” ID $34.00

(B) 5/8"-18 Angled 11 Deg. Shank Polished/Complete 5/8" ID $34.00

(E) 5/8"-18 Straight Shank , Polished/Complete 5/8" ID $34.00

(I) 5/8"-18 Straight Shank Steel/Complete 1/2" ID $28.00

(G) 3/4"-16 Straight Shank Polished/Complete 5/8" ID $37.00

(C) 5/8"-18" Angled 11 Deg. Shank Polished/Bare 1/2"ID $27.00

(D) 5/8"-18 Straight Shank, Polished/Complete 1/2" ID $34.00

(H) 3/4"-16" Straight Shank Polished/Bare $27.00

(J) 5/8"-18"Straight Shank Steel/Bare $25.00

(F) 5/8"-18" Straight Shank, Polished/Bare $27.00

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-Adjustable Dead Perches

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-Bolt On/Weld On Front Shock Mounts

-Clevis Bolt Kit

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-Forged I-Beam Front Axle

-Front Bushing Washer

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-Front Hairpin Radius Rod Kit

-Front Panhard Bar

-Front Radius Rod Frame Tabs

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-Front Spring U-Bolt Kit

-Front Spring U-Bolt

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-Hiboy '28-'34 Ford 4-Link Front Suspension Kit

-Lower Shock Mount Fasteners

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-Shock Absorbers

-Stainless Steel 4-Link Adjustable Bar

-Stainless Steel Adjustable Rod Ends

-Stainless Steel Batwings

-Stainless Steel Perch Swivels

-Steel Hairpin Radius Rods

-Tie Rod End Front Hairpin Radius Rod Kit

Hiboy '28-'34 Ford 4-Link Front Suspension Kit

The standard version of our popular 4-link front suspension system features; investment cast S/S GT2 batwings with integral shock mounts, S/S adjusters, urethane bushings, S/S fasteners, S/S adjustable bars (23" centre to centre) and weld-on frame brackets. The kit is offered in a polished finish only and comes with easy to follow instructions.

28-32 Ford Style Front Crossmember

This stamped steel front crossmember, with stock-location radiator mounts, lowers your rod 1 inch. The centre has a 7-degree rake to eliminate shackle bind and improve caster adjustment. $89.00

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