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Fuel & Cooling Components

Radiator Cap - Plain - 13 LBS

This polished aluminium radiator cap features a smooth top, knurled side and come with a 13lb. pressure cap. $31.00

Radiator Caps - Bullseye

Polished aluminium radiator cap features a bullseye design. Your choice of a 7lb or 13lb pressure cap. $31.00

Plain $51.00

Screw-on Gas Cap Kit

Tired of leaky gas caps? Then this is the answer! These gas tank filler kits feature a machined alloy cap with knurled grip, 'O'-Ring seal, weld-on steel tank adapter and are offered with either plain or polished cap. Your choice of plain or polished.

Polished $64.00

Satin Finish $72.00

Screw-On Fuel Filter System

We've chosen a screw-on replaceable filter because they do the job, they're easy to find and easy to maintain. The system includes a machined aluminium adapter in either a shot peen or polished finish. We also offer a weld-on/bolt-on machined steel, frame mounting plate.

Polished $100.00

Stainless Steel Fuel Line Clips

We use these stainless steel clamps on all the cars we build. They're clean and tidy and easy to install and come complete with stainless hardware in packs of 4. $12.00

15" Long Tank 1-3/2 Pins $50.00

Overflow Tanks

Highly polished stainless steel 2" Diameter tank with all mounting hardware included

19" Long Tank  2 Pins $57.00

Deep 16 Gallon

1932 Gas Tank

Faithful reproductions of the original with stock dimensions and stock 12-gallon capacity. They come with pickup tube, threaded sender boss, vent and screw-on filler caps. $650.00

Stock Size

With Fuel Pump $255.00

Fuel Line Kit

Though designed specifically for the SO-CAL Step-Boxed ’32 Ford chassis, this fuel line kit can easily be adapted to other ’32 chassis.

The kit includes the following:

Stainless fuel lines (tank to filter &filter to mechanical pump)

AC Delco fuel filter with screw-on replaceable filter

Mechanical fuel pump with flexible connector and clips

Stainless steel line clamps with stainless hardware

Stainless steel line clamps with stainless hardware

Without Fuel Pump $236.00

Hoses with clamps $60.00

Designed to fit a '32 Ford with small block Chevy and Walker radiator combination. This kit includes top and bottom hoses, stainless clamps and two belts, just in case. Will fit with SO-CAL alternator bracket.

Hose & Belt Kit $86.00

Curved Blade $165.00

Electric Fan - 16” Blade

This 16-inch radiator fan is an easy adaptation, using their brackets, to your radiator. All SO-CAL rods use them and they come highly recommended. Available in either straight or curved blade pull configuration.

Straight Blade $165.00

4 Port $71.00

Finned Aluminium Fuel Block

These cast aluminium fuel blocks are offered in 3-styles: 2-port, 3-port and 4-port. They are fully polished and include external mounting lugs.

3 Port $65.00

2 Port $55.00

Mechanical Fuel Pump

We put a lot of road miles on our hot rods and have always used the fool-proof, factory-style mechanical fuel pump that’s easy to change on the highway should the need arise. $52.00

Overflow Tank

The SO-CAL overflow tank is designed for multiple applications where there was no factory overflow system. It can be used on hot rods, customs, classic trucks, muscle cars, etc. The tank, which holds 60 oz., is made of polished, spun aluminium, features two unobtrusive pre-tapped mounting bosses and a knurled machined cap. Measures 4" diameter x 10" tall. $200.00

Radiator Mounting Kit

Mounts radiator to frame, Per kit contains 2 hex bolts, 2 springs, 2 rubber pads and 2 castle nuts. Sold By Kit, Original Style. $20.00

Transmission Cooler

Every SO-CAL car that leaves this shop is fitted with a transmission oil cooler. It’s cheap insurance. $88.00

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-Radiator Caps

-Screw-on Gas Cap Kit

-Screw On Fuel Filter System

-Stainless Steel Fuel Line Clips

-Transmission Cooler

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