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About - Murray King

President of So-Cal Western Canada & Kustom King

Murray's original vocation was in cabinet making and wood working, with his little company doing commercial renovations for various companies. As he got more proficient at this, he started bidding jobs for companies that were national scope, which meant he eventually had to take his renovation business on the road. After completing some of these jobs, he would often end up at the other end of the nation, with his crew and some empty trailers, and not wanting to come home empty, he started contacting various car collectors and owners, and buying cars for them. Loading them up in his trailers, he would head home to Spruce Grove with his new finds. It wasn't long before he had over 650 vehicles in his company yard in Spruce Grove! People started knocking on his door, many wanting to buy parts, other inquiring if he could do some work for them on their cars.

Our boy saw the opportunity to expand the woodworking business into something he really enjoyed doing. In a few short years, Kustom King was born, and a new chapter in his life was to begin! Over the years he would acquire some mighty fine metal forming equipment, some machine shop goodies, (including a couple CNC machines), and a  competent, well-trained staff to run it all.

In 2008, he closed a deal with Pete Chapouris, President of So-Cal Speed Shops in the US, to form So-Cal Canada Ltd, becoming the exclusive distributor for So-Cal Speed Shops fine line of automotive products. A beautiful spacious new building complete with show room and mini market, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of inventory were stocked on the shelves, and the next chapter in our good friends career was about to take off! Kustom King, which concentrates on the building and restoration of everything from tractors to state of the art hot rods compliments the operation. Murray arranges tour through his plant for the various car clubs and interested groups to see just what the company does, and never seems to tire of his management duties.

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