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Classic Dash Lights

Perfect for any hot rod dash board. required 3/8" dia. mounting hole. 2 Wire hookup, incandescent bulb, 12 Volt. Available in amber, blue, green and red. $10.00 each

Lights - Other

50 LED Flex Light Strip

50 LED Flex Light, Approximately 20 3/4" Long

Available in 2 Different Colors, Mount Clips Included. 2 Wires (hard wired), 6 Month Warranty $55.00

Medium 6 LED Rod Light


LED Indicator Light

With over 100,000 hours of operation, they are also covered by a limited time warranty. Solid-state construction means the LED’s are virtually impervious to shock and vibration. Epoxy seal provides LED diodes and electronics with complete protection from moisture and corrosive. Poly carbonate lens resists impacts and collisions much more than acrylic plastic. Available in blue, green, red and amber. $10.00 each.

2 Terminal $20.00

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12 Volt LED Flasher

For use with all vehicles that are charged to LED tail lights and front turn signals. Available in 2 or 3 terminal.

3 Terminal $25.00







LED Fasteners

Super bright LED Fasteners, stainless steel housing, perfect for license plate

8 1/2" Wire Lead

2 Wires (hard wired), 6 Month Warranty 2Pc./Card  $25.00




# # # # # #

6 Amber LED rod light with chrome housing. 3 Wire (hard wired) - 12 Volt

Your choice of clear, amber or red lens and large or medium in size. $25.00

1955-1960 Chevrolet Car Interior LED Dome Light Assembly

24 Super Bright White LED's. Beautiful chrome bezel with housing, white lens, LED's and wires. Does not fit 1955 Hard top or Nomad. $70.00

Classic Lighted Fender Guides

Vintage style accessories for 1930’s - 1940’s cars and trucks. Lighted with LED, works 6 volt or 12 volt. Easy installation, clamps to front fender edge. Available in amber, blue, green and red. $70.00





Large 6 LED Rod Light

6 LED Large rectangular rod light with chrome housing. Available in amber or red LEDs with colored or clear lens. 3 Wires (hard wired) 12 Volt. $25.00

Universal Interior Dome Light

12 Volt rectangular dome light with 1156 bulb. Chrome housing with on and off switch. Mount on 4" center. $10.00

Polarity Adapter/Reverser

Polarity Adapter for the 12 Volt LED Flasher - 2 Terminal. Easily reverses "X" and "L" terminals without modifying vehicle wiring. $25.00

24 LED 1157 Bulb

1157 Bulb with 24 super bright LEDs  1Pc./Card

Epoxy sealed. Double contact, off set pin - 12 Volt

Available in amber or red $25.00


Teardrop Spot Light

Teardrop spot light with chrome or stainless steel housing

Available in amber or clear lens with seal beam = 7,000 CP $65.00

Small 4 LED Rod Light

4 LED Small rectangular rod light with chrome housing

3 Wires (hard wired) - 12 Volt $22.00