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Rear End Components

(A) 'A' Spring Top Mounted 55" Wide

(B) 'A' Spring Top Mounted - 57" Wide

(C) 'A' - 40 Style Buggy Spring  Back Mounted - 55" Wide

(D) 'A' - 40 Style Buggy Spring  Back Mounted - 57" Wide

(E) Coil-Over Shocks Back Mounted - 55" Wide

(F) Coil-Over Shocks Back Mounted - 57" Wide

Rear End Housing Snubbers

Here's the perfect solution to making sure when your rear housing bottoms out on the frame it doesn't loosen your teeth in the process. $12.00

55" Wide - 4-1/2" Bolt Circle

We offer two variations of 9" Ford 31 spline rear axles designed specifically for our rear end housings. $575.00

55" Wide - 4-3/4" Bolt Circle

55" Wide - 5-1/2" Bolt Circle

57" Wide - 4-1/2" Bolt Circle

57" Wide - 4-3/4" Bolt Circle

57" Wide - 5-1/2" Bolt Circle

We offer several styles of rear end assemblies using the SO-CAL Speed Shop ladder bar system in conjunction with the 9" Ford/Currie big bearing reproduction housing. All necessary brackets are Heli-arc fixture welded, straightened accordingly and ready to install. They come in overall widths of 55" and 57" (measured at the wheel mounting surface. $1000.00

Rear End Housing

1940's Style Back Mounted Buggy Spring Chrome 55" Wide $2,910.00

Rear End Assembly

Even though our New Traditionalists™ ladder bar rear suspension system was originally designed for '28-'32 Fords they are often used in other automotive applications. We offer the universal kits as sub-assemblies and they include; Heli-arc welded 9" Ford/Currie housing, ladder bar, rear suspension and panhard bar kits.They come in overall widths of 55' and 57". (measured at the wheel mounting surface) and either plain or chrome plated components. All that is left is to select the axles, differential and brakes.

1940's Style Back Mounted Buggy Spring Chrome 57" Wide $2,910.00

1940's Style Mounted Buggy Spring Plain 55" Wide $2,200.00

Model A - 55" Chrome $3,310.00

Model A - 55" Plain $3,310.00

Model  A - 57" Chrome $3,310.00

Model A - 57" Plain $2,550.00

1940's Style Back Mounted Buggy Spring Plain 57" Wide $2,200.00

55" Back Cover Polished

The Winters Street Rod V8 Quick Change Rear features 8-3/8-inch 3.78 ring & pinion, heat-treated lower shaft, a Wedgelock differential (a race-proven, all gear drive differential that automatically senses wheel spin and delivers positive traction), axle seals and one 6-spline gear set of your choice. They use 31-spline axles and will accommodate aftermarket disc or stock Ford brakes. Available for Ford small-bearing flanged axle (accommodates stock Ford 2.835 OD axle bearings) and Ford big bearing flanged axle (accommodates stock Ford 3.150 OD axle bearings) as well as Ford big bearing flanged axle (Torino).

55" Back Cover Unpolished

55" Finned Back Cover Polished

55" Finned Back Cover Unpolished

57" Back Cover Polished

57" Back Cover Unpolished

57" Finned Back Cover Polished

57" Finned Back Cover Unpolished

V8 Quick Change Rear Axle

Polished $6,000.00

Unpolished $4,500.00

Forged Rear Buggy Spring Hangers

These forged steel ⅞” thick rear spring hanger brackets feature I-beam construction, 3" dia. holes for tubular/stamped housings. $108.00

Model 'A' Rear Spring Hangers

These weld-on brackets mount to the top of the rear end housing and are designed for a 2 1/4" wide spring. SO-CAL rear spring $83.00

9" Ford Rear Axle Retainer T-bolt Kit

Here's a little item that until recently was impossible to find. $26.00

9" Ford Third Member Installation Kit

This seal and gasket kit for the Ford 9-inch includes differential gasket, third-member nut and washer kit and 3 quarts of 9+ gear oil. $57.00

3:00 Ratio Open Differentail

Third Member Assembly

We offer two types of 9" Ford third members designed specifically for our rear end assemblies.

Open Differential $1,100.00   -   Tue-Trac $1,600.00

3:00 Ratio Tue-Trac

3:25 Ratio Open Differential

3:25 Ratio Tue-Trac

3:50 Ratio Open Differential

3:50 Ratio Tue-Trac

3:75 Ratio Open Differential

3:75 Ratio Tue-Trac

55 Inch

Early Ford Side Bells - 55"

For those who are setting up a early Ford banjo or quick-change rear, SO-CAL now offers '40-'48 Ford rear end side bells modified to accept 9" Ford pull-out axles. We weld late model bearing cups to cleaned and straightened original housings that come in three widths; 55", 56", 57" overall (measured at the wheel mounting surfaces) $530.00

56 Inch

57 Inch

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9" Ford Rear Axle

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-Forged Rear Buggy Spring Hangers

-Model 'A' Rear Spring Hangers

-9" Ford Rear Axle Retainer T-bolt Kit

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