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Shifter Knobs

Piston Shape Gear Shift Knob

Size" 2" dia. X 2" wide 1/2" dia. stem hole.

Chrome plated zinc die cast knob

3 pcs. Nylon inserts and hex fastener screw

For universal application.  1Pc./Card $20.00

Early Ford Style Shift Knob

Beautifully cast in aluminum, this knob comes with 3 different threaded inserts to suit almost all applications. $30.00

SO-CAL Logo Voodoo Shift Knob

This shift knob is the real deal. We’ve taken a professional grade cue ball that is manufactured to the highest standards of precision roundness, balance and weight control then magically transformed it into a shift knob. This ivory colored cue ball features an inlaid red and black SO-CAL logo and includes insert adapters. $41.00

SO-CAL Shine Shift Knob

Cast from the very part that Shine crafted for his “Barenekid” '34 pickup, this 7-point polished shift knob is great for all-applications, even as a paperweight.  $48.00

Shift knobs come and go but these are the best I have ever seen. I don't know how they are made and quite frankly I don't care. Simply put I think its voodoo, just flawless. Pete Chapouris

All shift knobs come with a 1/2-20 threaded master insert. 3 more inserts are included with purchase.

The threaded insert sizes are    -   3/8-24   -  5/16-18   -    1/4-20

$48.00 each

Shine Skull/Flame Shift Knob

SO-CAL Logo Shift Knob

SO-CAL Wolf Logo Shifter Knob

SO-CAL Black Shifter Knob with Ivory Color SO-CAL Logo $41.00

SO-CAL Ivory Shifter Knob W/Black SO-CAL Logo $48.00

Polished 4-Speed Shift Knob

Designed for 4-speed automatics, this knob has an extra “D” engraved in the face and reverse lock-out feature. $49.00

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"8" Ball Gear Shift Knob

Size: 2" diameter ball,

1/2" dia. stem with 5/16" & 3/8" nylon inserts, hex fastener screw, 1 pc./Card. $20.00

Transparent high-impact plastic skull with red LED eyes

1/2" Dia. stem with 5/16" & 3/8" nylon inserts

Hex fastener screw, 1Pc./Card $35.00

Amber Skull Gear Shift Knob with Red Eyes

Baseball Gear Shift Knob

Size: 2-1/4 Diameter

1/2" Stem with 5/16" & 3/8" nylon inserts

hex fastener screw 1Pc./Card $20.00

Dice Gear Shift Knob

Size: 1-7/8" X 1-7/8" Square high-impact plastic, 1/2" dia. stem with 5/16" & 3/8" nylon inserts, hex fastener screw, 1 pc./Card.  $20.00






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