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Sweatshirts/Work Wear

SO-CAL Oil Can Piston Thermal

Thermals are pre-laundered so all shrinkage and kinks are worked out before they get to you. Black only. Large yellow logo on back, smaller logo on chest .  $35.00

SO-CAL Welding Gloves

Lightweight, these welding gloves are designed especially for TIG welding, they offer the “ultimate feel.” Large only.  $30.00

Vicious Hot Rods Aviator Hoodie

Black Vicious Aviator hoodie. Small chest logo on front, large image on back.  $65.00

SO-CAL Vintage Zip Up Hoodie

The new SO-CAL vintage style hoodie sports a classic chain stitched logo on the back and a small script on the front left chest. The garment is pre-laundered for a pre-shrunk and ultra comfortable light weight feel. Black only.  $65.00

SO-CAL Cycle Script Hoodie

Derived from the tank art on Shines chopper this hoodie will keep the cold out. Black only—double-sided design, smaller design on front.  $65.00

SO-CAL Cam Hoodie

Keep warm, and look cool in our SO-CAL cam hooded sweatshirt. What better way to add power to your SO-CAL Speed Shop sweatshirt collection. Logo on front. Available in navy only.  $65.00

SO-CAL Cycle Script Crew Neck Sweatshirt

Derived from the tank art on Shines chopper this sweatshirt will keep the cold out. Black only—double sided design, smaller design on front. $40.00

SO-CAL Service Shop Apron

Oil Can Piston Apron

Jimmy Shine Bike Apron

Made in the USA of heavy-duty cotton with three pockets, these aprons are made for the shop or even B.B.Q-ing. Silk screened logo on front.  $24.00

SO-CAL Truck Door Work Shirt $65.00

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Safety Glasses

All the SO-CAL shop crew use these safety glasses. With toughened lenses, they're perfect for the shop, an open roadster or a motorcycle. Come with either clear or tinted lenses.  $21.00


So-Cal Pinstripe Logo Work Shirt $65.00

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