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Trunk Hardware

32 - 37 Ford Trunk Lid Handle Gasket

28-34 Deck Lid & Rumble Lid Upper Bumpers (pair)

28-32 Ford Trunk Lid Hinge Brackets (pair)

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1937 - '39 Chevy Trunk Hinge

Opens from the side for easy access to your trunk! Made from high quality steel with a fully bushed swing arm. This kit comes complete with side mount hinge, latch, actuator to power the latch and all mounting hardware.

Universal Design Trunk Hinges

Our universal design trunk hinge is made from high quality steel. Sold in pairs and comes complete with installation instructions.

Bottom Mount Trunk Latch

Comes complete with mounting bolts.

Side Mount Trunk Latch

Comes complete with mounting hardware.

Flush Mount Trunk Latch

Our flush mount trunk latch is cable release ready & measures 2 3/8" x 3 5/16" wide. The spring loaded striker pin measures 2 3/4" long. Comes complete with mounting hardware.

Release Cable For Hood Or Trunk

Release Cable for your hood or trunk! Machined from aircraft aluminium our heavy duty cable comes complete with 10' of cable and mounting bolts.

Pull Cable

Don't get locked out of your hot rod! If you have shaved door handles on your hot rod and rely on power solenoids to open your door you need an emergency pull cable in case of power failure. Rocky's emergency pull cable features a CNC machined billet know and sleeve. Kit comes complete with 10' of cable, line clams, screws, and speed nut. Also works great for trunk or hood release cable.

Emergency Over Ride Latch

Loss of power? Dead battery? Don't be locked out of your trunk! Rocky's Emergency Over ide Latch is a must have item for street rods with a power trunk! Made from quality billet aluminium, the manual cable is 8' long. Comes complete with mounting hardware.

Power Trunk Kit

Designed to convert your car's manual trunk release to power. A great addition when installing power door locks or keyless entry. Our power trunk kit comes complete with solenoid and mounting hardware.

Universal Trunk Prop

Made from quality aircraft aluminium our trunk prop features end over centre lock measures 22" when opened and will support 60 lbs.

Roadster Trunk Handle

Die cast and chrome plated.

Stainless Poppers

These spring loaded stainless poppers can be used on doors or trunk.

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-Deck Lid & Rumble Lid Upper Bumpers

-Emergency Over Ride Latch

-Ford Rumble Lid or Trunk Latch

-Pull Cable

-Power Trunk Kit

-Release Cable For Hood Or Trunk

-Roadster Trunk Handle

-Stainless Poppers

-Trunk Hinges

-Trunk Latches

-Trunk Lid Handle Gaskets

-Trunk Lid Hinge Brackets

-Trunk Lid Striker Plate

-Trunk Or Hood Actuator

-Universal Trunk Prop

Trunk Lid Striker Plate

The 1928-32 Roadster, 5-window, Cabriolet, trunk lid striker plate is zinc plated. Includes mounting hardware.

28-32 Ford Roadster & 5 Window Coupe. Trunk Lid, 28-29 Roadster & Coupe Rumble Lid

32 Ford 5 Window Coupe & 33-34 Ford Coupe & Roadster Trunk Latch 30-34 Ford Roadster

# # # # # # # # #

Trunk Or Hood Actuator

Our heavy duty actuator provides 250lbs of lifting force at the touch of a button. This compact unit needs only a 2-inch square for mounting. Comes complete with mounting brackets.




Power Trunk